Women Perfume Trini Girl Nicki 3.4 OZ

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Women Perfume Trini Girl Nicki 3.4 OZ

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Trini Girl Perfume by Nicki Minaj, Trini Girl is a sweet and fruity concoction inspired by the Trinidadian origins of pop star and rapper Nicki Minaj.

This fragrance opens with sweet and fruity litchi, blood orange, and quince.

Floral and fresh heart notes include apple blossom, Trinidadian chaconia flower, and dewy leaves.

A creamy coconut and white musk base rounds out the profile of this scent. This exotic perfume has moderate longevity and sillage.

Trini Girl is bottled in a distinctive bust figurine.

The torso-shaped pink glass bottle is printed with gold embellishment.

The outer carton features an eye-catching inlaid pink and gold design with a broad pink band on the front with the name of the fragrance in black print.

The name is printed in matching pink on the golden sides of the carton.

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