Men Perfume Ferrari Scuderia Red 4.2 OZ

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Men Perfume Ferrari Scuderia Red 4.2 OZ

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Ferrari Man In Red Cologne by Ferrari, The Ferrari Man In Red fragrance is the vibrant and lively addition any man needs in their collection.

Fruity aromas provided by a top note of red apple embody the charming soul that is found through this scent. Meanwhile, a zesty top note of bergamot and an aromatic spice of cardamom notes begin to wake up the senses.

However, those bright aromas are contrasted with the softness of lavender and the woody feel of cedar notes.

Plum and orange blossom also work to make this a complex but attractive fragrance.

Finally, base notes of tonka bean and labdanum make this 2015 scent wearable at any time of day.

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